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Monday, May 21, 2007

Aryan Vaidya - Just missed

It’s difficult to understand how actors still agree to do dangerous stunts considering the danger to life and limb. Guess it’s their passion for acting that convinces them more often than not. As in the case of Aryan Vaid. The actor had such a scene in the forthcoming Apne – he was supposed to run along a speeding train as part of his training workshop for his negative character of a boxer. While running with the train Aryan had to look straight into camera, which was mounted on a jeep and moving in the opposite direction. "Naturally I was not able to look sideways at the train to maintain the distance. I misjudged my direction and must have slowly moved closer to the train,” relates the actor, “Since everybody was focused on the scene, no one saw the danger. Suddenly my shoulder hit the train and I was thrown off. I fell hard but luckily my injuries were not very bad. I got away with minor scratches and a bit of shock." Incidentally, Aryan went back to conclude the shot almost immediately!

I hope everyone whom he love and who love him got this news!! now you know who I mean :)

- Bollyfan

(Source: Indiatimes)

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